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I Am An Architect

As a practicing Architect, it pays to have an alliance with a REALTOR® that not only relates to your design style and your clientele, but one that also understands the complex process of designing & building a truly custom home. A successful partnership with an architecturally driven real estate practice will empower your clients with a host of valuable resources and promote your brand. Trust Galaxy Modern to guide your clients through the critical phases building their custom home:

Galaxy Modern will assist your clients in developing the best strategy for funding their project.Janelle has relationships with bankers that specialize in both construction loans and land purchases. Finding the right balance of a loan, at the right price, maximizes the funds available for construction, which offers an architect greater flexibility in the design.

With the right funding strategy in place, Janelle will guide your clients through selecting the build site that best suits your architectural style. Galaxy Modern maintains a non-published list of lots available for purchase. We know the neighborhoods that embrace modern. Janelle also understands how the attributes of a particular site affect the overall design and the build costs.

Once a desirable site is identified, trust Janelle to negotiate the best terms for your client. She has experience drafting purchase contracts that protect the interests of someone who intends to build a new home. Appropriate verbiage will be inserted to prevent problems with DEED Restrictions, HOAs and easements. Only agents that specialize in land acquisitions will have the experience necessary to write contracts for lot purchases.

When an architect wants to ensure that a home’s design is meeting the expectations of the local real estate market, it’s beneficial to have Janelle review the plans before they are finalized. Incorporating Janelle’s insight on market trends, buyer perspectives and competing inventory, will drive the value of the house higher and make it more marketable when it is time to sell.

When the time arises to put one of your homes on the market for sale, refer your clients to Galaxy Modern.  We will ensure that your clients’ house stands out against the competition.  Our marketing strategy will put your brand in the spotlight. We will arrange public appearances, dynamic video, captivating photography and well authored interviews that emphasize your unique talents. All of which will translate into sales success for your clients and positive exposure for your firm.

Additionally, we constantly have consumers call Galaxy Modern looking to be referred to an architect that specializes in modern design. If you would like for your firm to be promoted on our website, or through our network, please contact Janelle Alcantara to discuss.

There is no other real estate company better equipped to handle the distinct needs of architects and their clients in the arena of modern architecture.

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