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Whether you build custom homes or spec houses, Galaxy Modern offers an array of services that will increase your profitability and enhance your brand of homes in the Dallas area.

Janelle has solidified her reputation with many Dallas builders as their most valuable resource with these specialized builder services:

We know that acquiring lots is THE KEY COMPONENT to a builder’s business. Regardless of whether you are building custom homes or spec, you need lots for your houses! We are out there, pounding the pavement every day getting the inside track on lots. At any given time we have multiple build sites in various price ranges available.

Janelle is a skilled negotiator and can be hired to negotiate lot purchases and write contracts on your behalf, at no cost to you.

We also own and operate a proprietary database of lot sale prices. This will enable you as a builder to enter into purchase agreements with property owners, armed with the knowledge that will empower you to make the best lot purchases. Click here for our Lot Value Database.

We have created a non-published database for those wanting to sell their properties to builders. We have the “inside track” on lots and build sites in the most profitable neighborhoods and the expertise to negotiate winning purchase contracts between builders and property owners.

Galaxy Modern is a brand that operates under one of the largest real estate brokerages in Texas. The brand is dedicated to those that love or create modern architecture. If you are building homes that are not modern or contemporary, Janelle is still able to give you dynamic marketing services under the luxury brand David Griffin & Company Realtors which is affiliated with Virginia Cook Realtors. Therefore, you will have the power of a 400+ agent firm behind your product, with the specialized and remarkable marketing strategies that only Janelle Alcantara and her team can offer. Such as:

*Custom & quality 3-d Renderings and/or colored floor-plans of your homes so that they can be advertised long before completion.
*Pre MLS marketing to a curated network of 800+ to top level Buyer’s Agents through a “members only” platform.
*Branded “Builder’s Model Home” signage to direct passersby to your projects
*Specialized GPS Tracking Devices provided by Janelle to protect and track your appliances against theft. (contact Janelle for details, restrictions apply)
*Janelle includes professional & dramatic photography of every project and creates impressive marketing materials with those photos.
*When hired during the early phases of design on a new home, Janelle is able to create impressive time-lapse and progress videos of your project. Whether you choose to begin marketing immediately after breaking ground, or after completion, don’t miss the opportunity to have Janelle’s professional video crews begin documenting your project.
*Custom video interviews with your architect, design team, and you – the builder in order to create dynamic marketing pieces that will offer marketing materials to your firm with longevity. The videos can be used long after the house is sold.
*Access to the best stagers & art suppliers for transforming your houses into Furnished Model Homes.
*Promotion of YOUR brand through the marketing strategies created by Janelle. Unique events will be planned at your property giving you exposure to not only buyer prospects, but connections to those seeking a builder for a custom home.
*Social Media posts and advertising to get your property in the public eye.
*Special Property Inspections available to discover any installation issues needing attention from your subs before a Buyer Inspection.

Janelle has been involved in construction and design for over 30 years. Her perspective connects the gap between builder and buyer with input that will ensure that the house aligns with market trends in the most profitable way. She collaborates with your architect or hers to tweak the plans at every phase of design. Galaxy Modern has accounts with many vendors that translate into discounted supplies and materials for builders. Design consulting services provided by Janelle can be billed hourly or offered on a complimentary basis when Janelle is hired to sell the property for the builder.
The brand Galaxy Modern is a dba under David Griffin & Co. Realtors. We implement creative and dynamic marketing strategies for architecturally unique homes. David Griffin & Co. Realtors is owned by the Virginia Cook Company and therefore offers boutique real estate services under the umbrella of a major brand. Don’t settle for ordinary marketing strategies if you are building extraordinary homes. We will make sure that your house is seen by architecturally savvy buyers that are willing to pay more for intelligent, thoughtful design.

Galaxy Modern is also a “go to” resource for consumers that are looking to build a custom home or do a modern renovation to an existing home. We refer people to reputable builders that offer the same level of service and integrity that we offer to our clients. If you are a builder, and would like to promote your services through our network, please let us know.

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