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Deep Ellum: The street art capital of Dallas

Located near downtown East Dallas, Deep Ellum is renowned for its deep love of all things artistic and fun. The neighborhood is populated with many art and entertainment venues. Rather than spend money here, opt for the many outdoor street murals that give local artists a chance to show their quirkiness and creativity.

A Community Effort

The 42 Murals Project is noteworthy for bringing together a large community of artists tasked with the duty of beautifying many of the area walls with amazing art. This work of 42 artists was commissioned by developer Scott Rorhman and painter Adrian Torres. It is an expansive project with some pieces yet to be completed.
Local property owners gave up their walls to this project and the artists recruited from across the state to create pieces that honored the history of the neighborhood and the community’s love of art. It is a beautiful collection of varied concept murals painted along various paths, with guided walking tours available for visitors.
‘Welcome to Dallas’ is among one of the most popular pieces of this project. The best start to a tour is always the welcome. Found at the parking lot of Health Arts Consulting, this massive artwork spans over 3 wallswith colorful and detailed features that are a clear indication of what Dallas is all about. From the guitar signifying its love of country music to the Reunion observation tower, the artist has made a great effort to incorporate many major attractions.

Other popular murals in the series include ‘Deep Ellumphants’ by Adrian Torres, ‘Deep Rawlins’ by Steven Hunter, and ‘I Love You’ by an unknown artist.

‘Traveling Man Sculpture’ may not be part of the 42, but it is an important art installation for the area. The work was done to replace a previous set of popular murals that were demolished to make way for the construction of a light rail system. Located close to the DART Deep Ellum Rail Station along the Good Latimer Avenue, this three-part series of giant statues was set up as an ongoing reminder of Deep Ellum’s roots and its bright future.

The statues feature portrayals of a giant robot in scenes of his creation, stroll and at rest. The riveting alludes to the railway history of the area and playing the guitar is a reference to the vibrant art and music scene. The pieces are the work of Brandon Oldenburg, Brad Oldham, and the Reel FX Creative Studios.

In recent years, the area has seen new changes due to an upswing in multi-family dwelling developments. Improvements in infrastructure and efforts to combat crime have attracted new residents. This influx has encouraged more businesses in the popular entertainment and arts district to work on improving public safety.
This neighborhood has become, for many a realtor Dallas Texas calls home, an increasingly popular destination for homebuyers. Whether you are looking for an awesome background to your Instagram pictures, or just want to take in the local culture, a walk through the streets of Deep Ellum should prove inspiring.

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