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GAIA – Texas LLC

Architectural Development
A real estate development company concerned with delivery of high quality, responsible development of the built environment.  GAIA Texas can providedesign and construction services for clients

Building projects can be a frustrating endeavor for the most patient of people.  GAIA Texas works with clients to form and coordinate a project team from site selection to design and construction.

DGA – Douglas Guiling, Architect

Architecture – Interior Design – Planning
Founded in 1990, DGA has extensive award-winning experience in a variety of projects both domestically and internationally.   Drawing on this richness of experience allows DGA to deliver complex design solutions at the highest levels.   DGA will coordinate the required consultants who are leaders in their respective fields to deliver unique design solutions.

Quality residential design is perhaps the most complex and difficult project type.
The design of retail space where you enter, conduct your business and leave is far different than a space where your most significant hours are spent.  Your home might be a place of gathering for friends and family.   It might require a large investment.
It could also be a place where you will spend the rest of your life.

Doug Guiling, AIA
Architectural Design –

Life is a journey,  and the rich patterns of everyday life should be reflected in the design and sequence of spaces for the buildings we occupy.   Therefore, the overriding philosophy that drives good architectural design is an organic solution, generated from within.   Connection with the outside world, human grounded geometric proportions, and logical sequencing of spaces all must be taken into consideration to provide quality design for a meaningful human experience.

Too often today design is less meaningful when the front door is opened and the mystery of what lies beyond is over instantly.   Spatial proportions are disregarded, resulting in awkward uncomfortable sensations.   Meaningful design of any kind requires a depth of thought.

Organizing the depth of design requiredeconomically, and transferring those solutions into the field is a service we provide.

Ellen Guiling
Interior Design

As a Naturalist Ellen believes that a space should incorporate links to the beauty and healing nature of the outdoors through design, material and color selections. Having been involved with Interior Design for over 30 years, she has experience in Residential, Hospitality, Senior Design, and Medical Offices. Her MBA Degree has led her to be a problem solver who is as comfortable with budgets as she is with fabrics and colors.

Working together with her husband Douglas Guiling has led to a seamless delivery of the project at hand.

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