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I have a MODERN / CONTEMPORARY Home to sell

Galaxy Modern is a full service real estate practice specializing in luxury modern architecture. Our clients have spectacular, architect designed homes to sell. These properties require a special presence in the market to capture the attention of qualified buyers that understand the value of site-specific design.

In fact, in today’s digital world, attracting buyers is the easy part. It’s what Galaxy Modern does before and after finding that buyer that translates into higher equity for our clients.

First, the offering price of the home must be carefully determined. Sellers often leave money on the table when they hire the “neighborhood expert” instead of an “architecture specialist.” Janelle Alcantara understands what it costs to build these houses. She has a deep appreciation for the artistry and engineering involved in creating wide-open spaces and walls of glass.

We find that most REALTORS® under-value these special homes. They either don’t have the knowledge needed to price them, or they don’t have the confidence and expertise to command premiums for the architecture when there are no other comparables with which to support the value.

Janelle is used to selling houses that are vastly more expensive than any other house in the neighborhood. She incorporates that experience into strategies that will bring you top dollar for your special property. The marketing plan created by Galaxy Modern will be as custom as the home you intend to sell. It will target specific buyers and will educate them on why your house is worth the offering price.

Once we have qualified prospects, Janelle will negotiate fiercely on your behalf. These negotiations will lead to a favorable contract, but that is only the half-way mark on the journey to successfully selling your home.

After achieving a winning contract on your property, Janelle will guide you through the critical phases that precede closing: 1) Repair Negotiations and 2) Appraisals.

Navigating the appraisal process requires experience, finesse and skill. The properties that Janelle gets to the closing table are often selling for more than any other house in the neighborhood. There is always a risk that the deal will fall apart during the appraisal phase, make sure that you have a seasoned agent like Janelle to manage this risk for you and your family.

Over the years, we have helped many people sell extraordinary homes. We’ve found that they tend to be imaginative and adventurous people, that have created their own success. We seem to connect with the inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians, adventure travelers, extreme photographers and famous chefs that desire to live in these artistic homes. We hope to connect with you!

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